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Welcome to HOUSE OF VEDA

the secret of thousand years
is within your reach

Welcome to HOUSE OF VEDA

We have created a Store
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Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Jaggery Powder

Organic Raw Sugar

HOUSE OF VEDA sweeteners

the touch of sweetness

Organic Coconut Sugar

Try our organic coconut to get delectable comforting sweetener loaded with health benefits.

₹ 200 INR

Organic Jaggery Cubes

Our jaggery cubes are curated from a natural process and are packed with healthy sweetness.

₹ 200 INR

Organic Jaggery Powder

Our jaggery powder is organically extracted from sugarcane sap, retaining its nutritional values.

₹ 175 INR

Organic Raw Sugar

Rethink your eating habits and switch to our organic raw sugar that this traditionally processed.

₹ 175 INR

Our Belief

Ancient Wisdom

At the root of our country's craft, art, traditions and rituals there lay an ancient philosophy, a world view. The wisdom of the Vedic scripts that gave birth to our civilisation, emphasises the primal connection between the mind, body, spirit and nature.

What brought us here

The Vedic Worldview

House of Veda is a journey back to ancestral wisdom and Vedic knowledge, where nature offers us guidance for the healing of the mind and the body through the alignment of the 'Self' with 'Nature'. It conceives, dissects and disseminates the special knowledge from the Vedas to lead a life filled with eternal wellbeing.

House of Veda extends you an invitation to pause and reflect on your lifestyle.

Would You Like To Know How?

House of Veda
Unison of the 5 elements of life

Ayurveda intends that पुरुष (individual) and प्रकृति (nature) are interconnected, and so the harmful chemicals used in प्रकृति will have severe ill-effects in पुरुष. Therefore, we are inspired by Veda, which provides profound knowledge about healthy eating. Ayurveda says, if the food you eat is grown in a polluted environment, it evades its रस (taste) and गंध (smell), sinking its medicinal properties.

the promise

100% Authentic

House of Veda follows the ayurvedic standards when offering the food we consume. It’s pure, natural, organic, and true to life. We have taken care of everything right from the conception, creation, and manufacturing to the sale of our products.

moving back to the roots

We have realised that being one with nature & our culture we can meet the demand of modern lifestyle



Through wisdom accumulated over a millennium



Using authentic processes prescribed by our ancestors



Through diligence & unerring standards fit for the modern world



Offering you a lifestyle choice that is traceable to its roots


Let's take one step ahead

In a journey toward mindful living and organic eating


the extraction of sugar

Take a look and see how we extract the purest and unadlutrated from of sugar


the process

Cultivation of sugarcane in India begun in 500 BC

an adaption for better future

lifestyle guide

Organic farming is the call for today. It includes producing crops without using toxic and obstinate pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or any other practice like sewage sludge, irradiation, etc. Therefore organic farming is done by following simple practices like hand weeding, crop rotation, and cover crop to improve the quality of the soil.

As a result, it has tons of health benefits that set it apart from its non-organic counterparts.

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